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Cold Plunge @ Club Spa


Sound a little scary?

It can be, at first - but the experience of enduring the stress of getting into the water (causing the release of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine) will make you want to book your next visit before you've even left the building.

Deliberate immersion in cold water has been proven to enhance our mental health, physical health, and our athletic performance. It can be used to safely stress the body in order to improve our attention, mood, cognitive focus and to boost our metabolism and reduce inflammation.

Whether it's your first Plunge or you've been doing it for a while, one of our Coaches will be available to talk you through the experience, provide you with guidance and support so that you can reach the goal you've set for your visit. Check out our blog page for more information about specific protocols, and links to supporting scientific research.

Click here to see the Andrew Huberman Cold Plunge Protocol.

First Plunge $25

Your first plunge will be a guided experience, a coach will be there to support you.


Subsequent Plunge $20


Plunge 5 Pack $90

COMING SOON Monthy Plunge Membership

Plunge Basics

Optimal exposure is just 11 minutes per week spread over 2-4 sessions.

  • Once you get changed and ready to get in, you'll stand beside the tub and take a few slow, deep breaths - calming your nervous system and preparing for the cold.

  • Step in - and sit down, slowly but in one fluid movement. Try to immerse as much of your shoulders as possible.

  • Focus on your breath, shiver if you need, honour how you feel - accept the cold - breathe slowly and evenly.

  • When you're ready, climb out - stand beside the tub and brace your hands on the edge if you need to. Splash a little water on your face.

Then start thinking about how soon you can book your next session!

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