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Our Aestheticians will evaluate your skin and design a luxurious, relaxing, custom facial to treat what your skin needs. Your Aesthetician will send you home with a list of products to use (and maybe some to avoid!) to achieve and maintain visible results. 

Add an AlumierMD or Eminence Peel to your Custom Facial!

$219 (75 MINUTES)

MINI FACIAL  $90 (30 Minutes)

Designed to give you a quick re-fresh, our mini-facial can be designed to treat a specific concern, or to leave you relaxed, with a healthy glow.


**Note this is not performed by a RMT, this is an Aesthetic Treatment**
Without a natural pump like our circulatory system, our lymph system relies on constant, steady movement to move and drain the natural cell waste and toxins that buildup i
n the body. We apply targeted, gentle, movement and pressure with limited product to encourage lymphatic drainage. The gentle nature of this treatment means this type of facial massage is ideal for almost every single person. Read more about the benefits of Lymphatic Facial Massage here.

TEEN FACIAL  $90 (45 Minutes)

Our 45 minute Teen Facial is a custom treatment designed to treat and care for teenage skin. Whether it's blackheads, dryness, acne prone skin, oily skin or texture concerns - our Aestheticians will work with you to create a treatment that's just right for you.

BACK TREATMENT  $76 (45 Minutes)

Better than a back rub! An exfoliation, followed by a custom designed treatment for what your back needs if it's acne, or dry itchy skin or somewhere in the middle our aestheticians will tailor the treatment just for you. All while you relax in a cozy, warm & private treatment room.

ALUMIER FACIAL PEELS  $165 (45 Minutes)

At Club Spa we offer AlumierMD Chemical Peels - each designed to target what YOUR skin needs. Read more below to find out which peel sounds like the right fit. Keep in mind that all Facial Peels include an in-depth pre-treatment questionnaire and conversation with your aesthetician to make sure your treatment is right for you.


A lightening and brightening treatment that improves the signs of aging and



This multi-functional peel targets multiple skin concerns including fine lines,

wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and large pores.


A powerful combination alpha and beta hydroxy resurfacing peel that both

rejuevenates skin and reduces the signs of acne.


BHA 20 

Ideal for acne prone skin, this peel both reduces the signs of acne and helps

correct discolouration.

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