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Classic Lash Extensions $167

One extension adhered to each of your lashes creating a natural, fuller, longer look.

Classic Lash Fill $73 (maximum 3 weeks between fills!)

"Flirt Lash" $73

Half the lashes in half the time! If you're looking to try lash extensions for the first time or just want a few extensions to create a bit of drama - this is the service for you!

Flirt Lash Fill $36(maximum 2 weeks between fills!)

Lash Extension Removal $31


Brow Tint  $24

Lash Tint  $33

Lash & Brow Tint $46

The Club Spa Brow  $38

Our brow experts will give your brows what they need to look their best! Includes waxing, shaping, trimming, and tint.

Lash Lift $85

Lash Lift & Tint $102


Interested in Microblading? Contact Brow Savvy, our preferred partner, to find out more about their suite of services.

Visit for more information about treatment options.

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